Emma Graveson – Office Manager

Emma manages all Tartan operations and oversees our larger projects.

With over 20 years managerial experience, Emma runs a tight ship here, controlling our day to day freedom, workload, accepting jobs and negotiating service contracts.

Her whole career has been in design-led industries and thanks to this Emma’s opinion on our designs is always 100% correct and despite our many protestations about the impossibility of changes “so late in a project”, we secretly make the changes and secretly agree with her.

When Emma’s not making our life just that bit funner, she writes excellent sales copy.

Being the only person in the office not to write her own About Me page, Emma is also immensely trusting – such is her command only a fool would write something disparaging.

Emma went to Lucerne but keeps it really really quiet.

Her skillsets include:

  • Web copywriting
  • Content creation
  • Social strategy
  • Quality control


She likes:

  • Being right about everything
  • Cool drinks on hot beaches
  • Eric from True Blood
  • Mike from Breaking Bad