Conversion Rate Optimisation

The unexpected hazard of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Well, could YOU cope with an explosion in sales volume?


sales explosion with conversion rate optimisation
An optimised landing page can easily increase sales by 20%, 50% or 100%.

Even 200 percent gains aren’t unheard of – so would you genuinely be able to handle that level of uplift in your business?

Recently, one of our CRO clients was so overwhelmed by the 318% lift in enquiries that they had to take our optimised pages down temporarily while they hired more staff.

We saw one of our online dating clients hit with a 64% increase in new members as soon as we changed their landing page sign-up form.

A sales funnel design we did for an internet marketer brought in over $1m in it’s first week of being live.

If having to satisfy more orders, or deal with more signups, opt-ins and subscribers is the sort of problem you’d like in your business, it’s time you gave your website the Tartan CRO treatment.

Two routes lead to Conversion Optimisation success – which is right for you?


How we maximise your results for an optimised page depend on it’s current content, your website statistics and your need for urgency.

We can make Big Dramatic Changes where we treat your whole page in one go, before going on to tweak for further improvements, or we can make a series of smaller incremental tested changes.

The whole page optimisation method works best on poorly performing pages where it yields the biggest and best results, while the incremental method is useful to improve conversion lifts on already strong pages.

Our comprehensive CRO Discovery Report will highlight our proposed methods and if you’d rather keep the work within your company, it gives you a detailed blueprint to work from.

conversion rate optimization - small changes or large changes

The science (and geekery) of CRO – the what, the why and the how it all works


the science of conversion rate optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about the detailed analysis of Statistics.  
And Maths.   And Psychology.   And Social Anthropology.

Then there’s Colour Perception. Colour Theory. Next add in some some Neurolinguistic Programming and a whole heap of effective Copywriting.

At it’s essence maximising conversion is about understanding your visitors needs and then simplifying and clarifying your offer to satisfy those needs with minimal strain, effort or friction.

The brain has built in shortcuts to help with decision making – the science of CRO seamlessly helps these shortcuts do their “thing” – and we analyse and measure the resultant lifts.

It may seem amazing how subtle persuasion, gentle guidance and tapping a few mental triggers can be enough to have a customer pick you over the competition.

But it is just science.     And maths     (Oh we did that bit already)

Working with Tartan CRO – First steps towards your guaranteed 10% lift in conversions


The first stage in any conversion optimisation job is the production of a CRO Discovery Report, a comprehensive look at your website, landing page or sales process with conversion issues.

In this, we examine key areas with significant potential for improvement and provide a detailed plan for suggested changes in the conversion process, design, layout and copywriting.

Complete with annotated screengrabs and sketch suggestions our CRO Discovery Report can form the basis of successful optimisation even if you choose to do the work yourself (in fact we used to offer the service as a standalone product for this very purpose.)

While writing your report, we get to know your product / service intimately, meaning as soon as you’ve got our report and give us the word, we’re able to start work optimising sooner rather than later.

Each report takes approximately five working days to prepare, with a billable value of £645.

But we only invoice our Discovery Report at £325. And then we make it free.

For every Discovery Report, we give credit for future CRO work to the value of that same £325 – making our report effectively free when you become a client.

To Summarise…

Become a client and the report is effectively free.

Do the work DIY with an invaluable £645 report at half price.     Win-Win

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NOTE: Pre-booking a Discovery Report is strictly a no obligation process. We’ll e-mail you one time only with more information on our Discovery Report service and a possible slot in our diary – if you want to take it from there that’s entirely up to you. No calls, no hassle – we hate that stuff!

Get started today – pre-book your detailed CRO Discovery Report and fix that £325 credit!