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TVlegends.co.uk – Celebrity Events, Celebrity Gossip

Our Premium Web Design Package with added calendar system and full e-commerce


For TVLegends our client handed us an idea for a website – a single paragraph – and a domain name.

From this outline brief we prepared a set of logo ideas and from these we produced a mockup homepage in the style of a Celebrity Gossip type magazine.

Following approval of the mockup we fleshed out the website using WordPress as the framework, with WooCommerce doing the honours as the e-commerce system and shopping cart – allowing our client to add or edit events and products with ease.

Integration was allowed for with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and designs were prepared for these social networks, along with a marketing method to build fan loyalty through the Facebook fan page.

We provided the full written and graphical content of the site, as well as sourcing stock images and manipulating them as required to suit our design.

A really enjoyable project!

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tartan web design example

Psychic Web Design – Getting spooky with Derek Acorah

Using our Mini Web Design Package for a one night only Derek Acorah show


Our client, an events company, was needing a quick and simple four page website to promote a single event and have their regular homepage redirect to it in the run up to the event.

We built the site using the WordPress framework on a new subdomain linking to the clients on-line ticket shop.

Derek Acorah’s agent provided the written content and a plain promotional photo, which we reworked onto a star-filled background adding some ghosted “spirit” images for the keen-eyed to spot.

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TradeBlindFabrics.com – Online trade catalogue for a wholesale importer

Our Pro Web Design Package with added blog, newsletter & unlimited expansion


What started as a rebranding exercise became a small website update, which grew into the beginnings of a full online catalogue.

As a fabrics and blind components importer covering thousands of lines, the site needed to be easily and quickly updated as seasons and fashion changed.

There was also a need for a news/blog area and our client wanted to build a potential trade client list through a newsletter subscription.

Sadly our good friend and client took ill and passed before the site could be completed.

Nic – you will be missed.


AWSrecruitment.co.uk – Working With a Not For Profit Recruitment Agency

An Ultimate Web Design Package: jobs board & CV uploader with expansion potential


Our client initially approached us for SEO work on an existing static website but during the conversation it became clear the site wasn’t fulfilling their needs, which was for an easily updated job board that allowed job seekers to upload their CV.

Because we discount heavily for Not-For-Profit work, we agreed to build an Ultimate Package site at the lower Pro Site price.

Following a move to better hosting the site was built using the WordPress framework for client ease of use, with an existing logo and branding colours providing the design starting point.

A full function jobs listing board, with jobs initially being added by our client – we’ve allowed for employers to be able to sign up directly and add their own job listings as the site expands.

There is also the ability for job seekers to build their own fully searchable CV online and this will be turned on in future.

Our client also wanted full social integration with feeds from social networks in the site’s footer and news pages.

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TheCostumeLodge.co.uk – Dancewear with Minimal & Responsive Design

Using our Ultimate Web Design Package for a complicated shop (on a tight budget)


We almost didn’t build The Costume Lodge as our initial quote turned out to be double the site’s budget, but always up for a challenge, Alan offered to get as close as he could to our now client’s price.

The site was to be minimal and clean in design as well as responsive, resizing elements depending on the viewing computer or device.

Our client needed effectively two shops within one – a shop displaying retail prices to regular visitors and unrelated wholesale prices to logged in customers. To add to this the 3000 items of stock feature complicated sizing, colour availabilities and other variables.

In an effort to minimise costs and the need for custom coding we were tied to using WooCommerce along with a number of premium WooCommerce and third-party add-ons.

The built wasn’t without it’s problems with add-on compatibility issues and some major updates in the various site components, but tightening our belts and swallowing hard… our clients got their site on budget.

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Selling Health – an NHS client with a single digital product

Using our Premium Web Design Package for a medical e-commerce site


Our client, a supplier of healthcare systems to the NHS was expanding from clinical sales into the personal health products market and needed a two phase development.

Initially requiring a simple brochure site with an e-commerce function, we built the site using the WordPress framework and the popular WooCommerce plugin.

Phase two requires members-only areas offering support and downloads for customers, automated subscription and rebilling functions – all being achieved through premium extensions for WooCommerce

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Adverse Credit – Clearing bad credit history, American Style

An images-only design job for a US Debt Advisory Product


This was a rapid turnaround design-only task for a previous customer, looking for a hand-drawn hard-sell single page sales letter

Our client already had a cartoon sales video and needed a transcript of this video turned into graphics for a long-form sales letter.

As well as creating a product mock-up, we took elements from the video and combined them with cartoon fonts and hand-drawn backgrounds to keep the overall visual effect of the video running down the length of the page.

Our client’s in-house developer then turned the images into a membership website

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A healthy dose of coding and design work

WordPress template design for a US based health and dietary supplement company


dawning earth dietary supplement website
One of our previous clients came to us with a completely new as-yet un-launched enterprise, a domain name and a single printers proof for a product label.

With the simple request that we “build a good looking e-commerce template”, we looked to our preferred combination of the WordPress framework with an eye on using the WooCommerce plugin in future.

Based on such a minimally descriptive brief we looked at a number of websites selling similar products in the US market, before settling on a course of action.

Taking styling from the product label, we built a blank canvas using warm organic textures and stock photography, as well as mocking up 3D product representations.

The site is not yet launched at the time of writing as our client is waiting on approvals for their products, but we will work closely with them when this happens to turn the site from a blank template to a fully functioning store.

This is now the fourth site we’ve built for this particular client, so we must be doing something right!

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Executive headhunting – working with a high level recruitment agency

Avoiding cliches for a clean, minimal, green and grey on black jobs board.


This was our second jobs board site for this particular client, taking elements of their previous site but within a completely different market.

A lot of executive search job sites can be very similar and our client was keen to avoid this very obvious aesthetic, hoping to use a black background with bright green yet still be clearly perceived as an executive level website.

Unusually we had to run to six mockups before we hit the right mix – but it was worth it, and our clients are very happy with the end result.

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aws executive search