Web Hosting

Picking the best web hosting for your site – it’s a biggie


Your choice of hosting can have a huge impact on your site’s success.

Get it wrong and you’ll have a painfully slow site that can harm both your visitor’s experience and your ranking in the search engines. Even worse there could be hours a week where you and your potential customers find only a blank screen or an error message.

As web developers we’ve worked with all the big name web hosts and many of the smaller hosts – and we’ve found levels of service to be surprisingly varied!

Because we include hosting in our web design packages and we’re working on web servers 10-12hrs a day, it’s just as important to us that we build your site somewhere reliable and fast – so our long term search has always been to find reliability, speed and half-decent service.


Our inclusive web hosting packages

High speed, reliable UK and US Based cPanel hosting with D9

From the 50+ web hosts we’ve worked with in the past, there is only one company we’d fully recommend to clients and one we use when building new UK and US based websites.

They are the frankly unbeatable D9 Hosting.

We’ve not found another hosting company that even comes close to the speeds their unlimited hosting offers and with a choice of UK or US based servers and the kind of reliability and customer services the bigger names can only dream of we’d need some convincing to use another choice of host.


Take full ownership of your web hosting – maximum portability

Why we DON’T normally recommend web design and hosting package deals.

Many web designers offer free hosting, or hosting included deals with their web design packages. (We do too, but keep reading)

Unfortunately what people don’t realise is many of these packages are difficult to get out of, or at least the web developer will make it difficult to get out of because they control the hosting. We know – we’ve taken on many jobs where our clients have been hosted elsewhere and have had real trouble moving away.

Don’t let yourself be trapped – take FULL control of your hosting. Buy your own!

Don’t worry – we’ll actually set it up for you as part of our service, but it will be your own account and completely separate from us or any other sites we run. You will be free to use any developer you want at any time in the future, not just us (although we’ll miss you terribly).

Best thing is you can add more websites to your account at no extra hosting charge, add unlimited email accounts, and receive unlimited traffic. It really is your own account.

To take out THIS kind of hosting account simply deduct £60 from our hosting inclusive deals and deal directly with d9. It’s your hosting. Job Done