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There’s nothing worse than a half finished website – especially when you’re in the business of building websites – so I’ll keep this first blog post brief.

I’m Alan – one third of a brand spanking new East Lothian web design agency.

So brand spanking new that this here Tartan Web Design website is still filled to bursting with Lorem Impum latin and placeholders, the Twitter account has two tweets and no uploaded image, Facebook is empty and void of likes (please do…) and I have no contacts whatsoever in LinkedIn.

So – on behalf of myself, Emma and Alison, I’d like to welcome you to our blog.

We’re three friends who met in geeky circles – all involved in digital content, web design, marketing – in fact all things commercial web. After much too-ing and fro-ing we’ve bitten that bullet, taken our futures in our own trembling hands and set forth together – bringing web design and search engine optimisation to the good people of East Lothian.

The plan is we’re going to be offering free web design to select East Lothian businesses while we fill our portfolio and more details of this will be announced in the next few days. If you’re interested get in touch using our contact form.

As well as web design we’re offering search engine optimisation at reduced rates for these initial free clients – so there are going to be a few companies saving quite a pile of cash over our first month.

Not only is our new website being build but our office in Dunbar is being revamped and spruced up – ready to be a throbbing hive of activity over the coming months.

It’s all rather exciting.

So, without further ado – I declare Tartan Web Design’s blog (and mostly finished-ish website) open.
(cuts virtual ribbon)
Alan Macallister

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