Action Versus Perfection

Back when we were first getting started in internet marketing, a ludicrously successful player in the game told Alan and myself that taking action was the single most important factor in any campaign.

He said do something, anything, to get your product or service up and out there immediately.

Don’t go for perfection, don’t try to get everything “just so” – you’ve got to get it launched and only then start fine tuning your offer…

It’s worked well for us. First in line counts for a lot – especially with search engines.

So with his advice echoing around my head Jedi-style, our Tartan site is now officially launched and live.

We’ve got the important stuff up – and our special launch offer web design prices are there for all to see.

In fact we’ve got our first reputation management commission already – even with an unfinished site that’s still a little ragged round the edges.

Tartan Web Design are open for business.
(what did you expect? a fanfare?)


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