Updated Google Webmaster Academy Videos

A must watch series of videos for all webmasters

and  not  all  of  them  are  starring  Matt  Cutts:    Shocker!

For anyone running their own website – or taking an active interest in all things Search Engine Optimsation related, this small series of short videos , care of the updated Google Webmaster Academy should be on the Must Watch list.

Some of them are old (but golden) but most are brand spanking new.

So grab a few chocolate digestives, turn off the phone and get ready to drink from the Google Kool-aid…

The good stuff to put on your website…

The BAD stuff. Boo Hiss! Spam!

Different flavours of spam.

Getting visible when there’s not a whole lot of text on your site. (with Matt!)

Site Maps and webmaster tools

Thinly veiled advert for Google Plus.

“Here’s a fun one”

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