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Web Design East Lothian

Web Design East Lothian

Web  Design  in  East  Lothian

Tartan Web Design are a small (but perfectly formed) web design, conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimisation agency based in the heart of beautiful East Lothian.

When you’re looking for web design East Lothian seems to be full to bursting with web designers and digital dabblers – a quick Google search reveals pages upon pages of East Lothian web designers from lone creative types working out of their bedrooms to full-on multi-media studios offering everything from digital photography to logo design.

We’re not the biggest for sure – and we don’t offer everything plus the kitchen sink.

What we DO offer however is a specialisation. A specialisation in the creation of commercially successful websites that convert browsers to buyers.

Our websites have generated thousands and thousands of pounds worth of business in some of the most hotly contested areas of the web. We’ve sold everything from business opportunities to romantic encounters, gold and precious metals to alternative medicines.

Our sites sell – and they sell well.

Sure, if you want a 10 page site all about your pet dog or collection of rare teddy bears we can do that. We’ll get your passion up on the web and looking good for all the world to see.

But if you’re in the market to sell your product or services we’re your go-to guys. If that market is fiercely competitive all the better!

Web Design? East Lothian? – It has to be Tartan

Free Web Design in East Lothian

free website design East Lothian

Launch offer: Free web design!

Ridiculous as it may seem, we’re offering 100% free web design services to a few lucky local businesses.

We’re a brand spanking new East Lothian based web design company and to get the ball rolling we are indeed offering our web design services free of charge. Nada. Nil. Not a penny.

You’ll get a fabulous new website and we’ll get good testimonials and sites to fill our portfolio.

Don’t worry. Our company may be new – but between us we’ve got more experience building successful commercial websites than our youthful faces would suggest.


The Offer

So what DO you get for free?

We’re not even offering our starter package, good as it is – oh no.

We’re offering some of our excellent basic web design packages and even a few premium web design packages on a first come first served basis.

That’s a custom website, built and published just for you – all artwork, photo-manipulation and editing, all coding and geeky programming, done and dusted.

All you need to provide is some written content and to tell us a bit about yourself, your company and your website preferences – and we’ll do the rest.

Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Free web design offer now closed – thank you

Alan Macallister