Reputation Management

online reputation management and reputation repair

Online  your  reputation  counts  for  everything.

Unfortunately even if you’ve spent years building a solid and trustworthy reputation, your hard work can be destroyed in minutes at the hands of a disgruntled employee, unreasonable customer or malicious competitor.

Tartan’s ethical Online Reputation Management (ORM) service puts you back in control.
Now your success need never be held hostage again

From a single critical result to an all-out reputation attack our ORM and Reputation Repair service quickly reestablishes the reputation you deserve and then maintains your good name online.

By taking advantage of our thorough and ethical ORM method online and offline not only can we limit your exposure to online reputation smears but we can massively reduce the chances of you ever receiving criticism again!

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the google age

When you’re looking for a service or a product what do you do? Simple fact is more than 80% of us go online and hit our favourite search engine.

In the past we’d ask our friends, read magazines, catalogues and brochures. Now we ask Google.

Within seconds we have access to pages of results, reviews, ratings and comment. We flick from page to page, site to site scanning for relevant information. On average we look at 10 information sources before making a purchase decision.


The buyer search process

Lets say you’re Jim – and you have a gizmo cleaning service.

Your customers may start of doing a local search. Instantly they’ll have a page filled with local companies, reviews and ratings. Lets take it that your company is on that first page, which is great. If you have a good rating even better – because if you’ve got a low rating chances are high you won’t be getting the business.

But again, lets assume your potential customer likes what they see, you’ve got a couple of 5 star ratings and they’re warming to you for their gizmo cleaning needs. Are they going to buy from you there and then? Probably not.

No – most likely they’ll click onto your website. As long as it’s not utterly horrible and they can see you provide the gizmo cleaning service they’re looking for you’re in the running. Buying from you yet? Unlikely.

Now they’ll narrow down their search with something like “Jims gizmo cleaning reviews” – or “Jims gizmo cleaning complaints“. Just to be sure. Because the web is so immediate and results instantaneous they can rapidly run through a list of these type of searches.

Find something they don’t like? Someone who says you’ve done a terrible job? That customer is gone.


The  ease  with  which  reputation  can  be  destroyed

Unfortunately bad reviews and negative comments rank extremely easily in search engines. It’s just the way that search engines work – very few people purposefully rank negative phrases about themselves.

Let’s say you run Daves Decorating and you’ve got your own website. Chances are nil that you have a page called Daves Decorating Complaints.

Yet somebody seriously considering using you will most likely type Daves Decorating Complaints or Daves Decorating Bad Reviews.

If there are bad reviews out there, they’re going to outrank you – it’s the search algorithm, its the way review sites are set up, the way they are seen by Google as authorities and the way people writing bad reviews tend to write.

Your potential customers will see them – and with all of the competition out there your chances of getting that customer have just blown out the window. Forever. Never coming back.

And if someone has REALLY taken a dislike to you? If someone has gone to town, writing bad comments about you in a number of places?

It can actually bankrupt many a small company – and sadly has done many times.

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