Free Site: Ordering

four steps to getting your free website


Now  it’s  just  a  case  of  letting  us  know  you’re  ready…

There’s a quick email form below. Fill it in and the free website wheels will set in motion

Before you get in touch you’ll need to decide on a few details:

  1. The web template you’d like (not decided yet? Go back now)
  2. The titles of your navigation menu (much like ours up top ^)
  3. Your main page names such as “Blue Widget Details”, “Red Widget Details, “Home”
  4. The email address you’d like, such as

These details needn’t be set in stone and you can easily alter them yourself later.

Now fill in the form below and one of our design team will get back to you shortly for your access details.

Access details?

We need the password you created (or were given) when you signed up for your hosting account and your account name. The account name is usually the name of your domain, but sometimes JustHost like to add some letters or numbers to the end.

You can instantly change or reset your password as soon as we’ve installed your new website.

If you used the free domain name that JustHost gave you then everything is already set – but if you bought the domain elsewhere or already owned the domain – we’ll need to carry out a further step. Still no charge.

Order your free website here:

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To proceed with a free site this answer must be yes otherwise charges will apply.

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Do you have your JustHost Control Panel (or cPanel) login details available?
One of our design team will telephone and needs these details to work on your website

What would you like the name of your website to be?

Please add the names of each main menu tab you'd like to appear at the top of your website

Please add one per line - ideally no more than six tabs

Please add the names of each main page you'd like these menu tabs to link to

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Please add any additional message you'd like to give us -
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